Women’s World Cup 2023: Schedule, teams, prize, venues, more

What is the Women’s World Cup?

The Women’s World Cup is a prestigious international football tournament that showcases the best women’s football talent from around the world. This exciting event is organized by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and is held every four years, much like its male counterpart, the Men’s World Cup. In this article, we will discuss the fascinating world of the Women’s World Cup, its history, impact and significance in the context of women’s football and gender equality.

Women’s World Cup 2023

Women's World Cup 2023

The 2023 Women’s World Cup will be the ninth edition of the Women’s World Cup, a quadrennial international women’s association football championship contested by women’s national teams and organized by FIFA. The tournament will be jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand.


Group ANew ZealandNorwayPhilippinesSwitzerland
Group BAustraliaCanadaNigeriaRepublic of Ireland
Group CSpainCosta RicaZambiaJapan
Group DEnglandHaitiDenmarkChina
Group EUnited StatesVietnamNetherlandsPortugal
Group FFranceJamaicaBrazilPanama
Group GSwedenSouth AfricaItalyArgentina
Group HGermanyMoroccoColombiaSout

How to watch the World Cup (check local listings)

United StatesFox SportsTelemundo Deportes
AustraliaOptus SportSeven Network
ArgentinaTVPTyC Sports
United KingdomBBCITV
FranceFrance Televisions
New ZealandSky
South AfricaSABC

Women’s World Cup schedule

Women’s World Cup Group A table & fixtures

1. Switzerland3110020+2
2. New Zealand32110110
3. Philippines3111011-1
4. Norway0101001-2

Group A match schedule

Thu, July 20New Zealand 1-0 Norway Auckland (NZL)
Fri, July 21Philippines 0-2 Switzerland Dunedin (NZL)
Tue, July 25New Zealand 0-1 Philippines.Wellington (NZL)
Tue, July 25Switzerland vs. Norway4 a.m.Hamilton (NZL)
Sun, July 30Switzerland vs. New Zealand3 a.m.Dunedin (NZL)
Sun, July 30Norway vs. Philippines3 a.m.Auckland (NZL)

Women’s World Cup Group B table & fixtures

1. Australia3110010+1
2. Canada11001000
3. Nigeria11001000
4. Rep. of Ireland0101001-1

Group B match schedule

Thu, July 20Australia 1-0 Rep. of Ireland Sydney (AUS)
Fri, July 21Nigeria 0-0 Canada Melbourne (AUS)
Wed, July 26Canada vs. Rep. of Ireland8 a.m.Perth (AUS)
Thu, July 27Australia vs. Nigeria6 a.m.Brisbane (AUS)
Mon, July 31Canada vs. Australia6 a.m.Melbourne (AUS)
Mon, July 31Rep. of Ireland vs. Nigeria6 a.m.Brisbane (AUS)

Women’s World Cup Group C table & fixtures

1. Japan3110050+5
2. Spain3110030+3
3. Costa Rica0101003-3
4. Zambia0101005-5

Group C match schedule

Fri, July 21Spain 3-0 Costa Rica Wellington (NZL) 
Sat, July 22Zambia 0-5 Japan Hamilton (NZL)
Wed, July 26Spain vs. Zambia3:30 a.m.Auckland (NZL)
Wed, July 26Japan vs. Costa Rica1 a.m.Dunedin (NZL)
Mon, July 31Japan vs. Spain3 a.m.Wellington (NZL)
Mon, July 31Costa Rica vs. Zambia3 a.m.Hamilton (NZL)

Women’s World Cup Group D table & fixtures

1. England3110010+1
2. Denmark3110010+1
3. China0101001-1
4. Haiti0101001-1

Group D match schedule

Sat, July 22England 1-0 Haiti Brisbane (AUS)
Sat, July 22Denmark 1-0 China Perth (AUS)
Fri, July 28England vs. Denmark4:30 a.m.Sydney (AUS)
Fri, July 28China vs. Haiti7 a.m.Adelaide (AUS)
Tue, Aug. 1China vs. England7 a.m.Adelaide (AUS)
Tue, Aug. 1Haiti vs. Denmark7 a.m.Perth (AUS)

Women’s World Cup Group E table & fixtures

1. USA3110030+3
2. Netherlands3110010+1
3. Portugal0101001-1
4. Vietnam0101003-3

Group E match schedule

Sat, July 22USA 3-0 Vietnam Auckland (NZL)
Sun, July 23Netherlands 1-0 Portugal Dunedin (NZL)
Thu, July 27USA vs. Netherlands9 p.m.
(July 26)
Wellington (NZL)
Thu, July 27Portugal vs. Vietnam3:30 p.m.Hamilton (NZL)
Tue, Aug. 1Portugal vs. USA3 a.m.Auckland (NZL)
Tue, Aug. 1Vietnam vs. Netherlands3 a.m.Dunedin (NZL)

Women’s World Cup Group F table & fixtures

1. Brazil3110040+4
2. France11001000
3. Jamaica11001000
4. Panama0101004-4

Group F match schedule

Sun, July 23France 0-0 Jamaica Sydney (AUS)
Mon, July 24Brazil 4-0 Panama Adelaide (AUS)
Sat, July 29France vs. Brazil6 a.m.Brisbane (AUS)
Sat, July 29Panama vs. Jamaica8:30 a.m.Perth (AUS)
Wed, Aug. 2Panama vs. France6 a.m.Sydney (AUS)
Wed, Aug. 2Jamaica vs. Brazil6 a.m.Melbourne (AUS)

Women’s World Cup Group G table & fixtures

1. Sweden3110021+1
2. Italy3110010+1
3. Argentina0101001-1
4. South Africa0101012-1

Group G match schedule

Sun, July 23Sweden 2-1 South Africa Wellington (NZL)
Mon, July 24Italy 1-0 Argentina Auckland (NZL)
Fri, July 28Argentina vs. South Africa8 p.m.
(July 27)
Dunedin (NZL)
Sat, July 29Sweden vs. Italy3:30 a.m.Wellington (NZL)
Wed, Aug. 2Argentina vs. Sweden3 a.m.Hamilton (NZL)
Wed, Aug. 2South Africa vs. Italy3 a.m.Wellington (NZL)

Women’s World Cup Group H table & fixtures

1. Germany3110060+6
2. Colombia3110020+2
3. South Korea0101002-2
4. Morocco0101006-6

Group H match schedule

Mon, July 24Germany 6-0 Morocco Melbourne (AUS)
Tue, July 25Colombia 2-0 South Korea Sydney (AUS)
Sun, July 30Germany vs. Colombia5:30 a.m.Sydney (AUS)
Sun, July 30South Korea vs. Morocco12:30 a.m.Adelaide (AUS)
Thu, Aug. 3South Korea vs. Germany6 a.m.Brisbane (AUS)
Thu, Aug. 3Morocco vs. Colombia6 a.m.Perth (AUS)

Prize money

PlacePlayer prize moneyTeam prize money
Runners up$195,000$3.02m
Third place$180,000$2.61m
Fourth place$165,000$2.46m
Round of 16$60,000$1.87m
Group stage $30,000$1.56m


Q1: What is the 2023 Women’s World Cup?

The 2023 Women’s World Cup is almost here. It is the ninth iteration of the tournament and the biggest yet as, for the first time, 32 teams will compete for the trophy.

Q2: Where is the Women’s World Cup being held?

A2: The 2023 Women’s World Cup will be held in Australia and New Zealand. It is the first time in the tournament’s history that two countries will serve as co-hosts. It will be held at 10 venues across nine cities across both nations.

Q3: How often is the Women’s World Cup?

A3: The Women’s World Cup is held every four years, similar to the Men’s World Cup.

Q4: Which country has won the most Women’s World Cup titles?

A4: The United States holds the record for the most Women’s World Cup titles, having won it four times.

Q5: Are the prize money and resources for the Women’s World Cup equal to the Men’s World Cup?

A5: While significant progress has been made, there are still disparities between the prize money and resources for the Women’s World Cup compared to the Men’s World Cup.

Q6: How has the Women’s World Cup impacted women’s participation in football?

A6: The Women’s World Cup has had a profound impact on women’s participation in football, inspiring more girls to take up the sport and breaking down barriers to women’s involvement in the game.

Q7: Who has won the Women’s World Cup?

A7: Four countries have won the Women’s World Cup: United States (four), Germany (two), Norway (one), and Japan (one). The USWNT will be trying to win an unprecedented third straight Women’s World Cup title in 2023.

Q8: When was the first Women’s World Cup held?

A8: The first Women’s World Cup was held in 1991 in China.

Q9: Who won the last Women’s World Cup?

A9: The United States won the 2019 World Cup with a 2-0 win over the Netherlands. The final was held in Lyon, France. Megan Rapinoe and Rose Lavelle scored the USWNT’s goals.

Q10: What is the Women’s World Cup theme song?

A10: In the spirit of Ricky Martin’s classic “Cup of Life” and Shakira’s “Waka Waka,” New Zealand artist BENEE and Australia’s Mallrat have teamed up on the anthem “Do It Again.”

Q11: What is the prize money for the Women’s World Cup?

A11: The total prize money ($110 million) will be divided between all 32 teams stands, and is an increase of almost 300 percent from $30 million offered in 2019. A percentage of the prize money will be awarded to individual players and to the football associations of the participating countries.

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